El Chinaco Restaurant, Wholesome Mexican & Salvadorean FoodMany of our customers come to El Chinaco for our delicious Pupusas (homemade corn tortilla with filling inside). We enjoy serving the traditional chicharron con queso or queso con calabaza, but we like to satisfy our clients when we get challenged with new flavors such as carne asada, shrimp or chicken.

At El Chinaco, we run our business with care. It matters to us that you feel comfortable in our restaurant, and we are honored that you chose us for a satisfying homemade Mexican and Salvadorean meal. We aim to please our clientele with consistent, fulfilling, made your way portions. We believe that the taste of good food depends on fresh ingredients used at the peak of their flavor and on the hand of a dedicated cook that combines these ingredients using the appropriate cooking techniques. We want you back again and again… and please, bring your friends.

Our food is well known in the multicultural population of Costa Mesa. In fact many of the locals come and ask for our sopes (hand made tortilla deep fried with goodies inside), huaraches (similar with sopes with salsa ranchera), and crispy tacos. These items are not in our menu, but clients know we serve them.

Refresh yourself with our aguas frescas. Enjoy one of our daily made tropical flavors of Tamarindo, Jamaica, Horchata and Piña. Also bottled beers, domestic and imported, and wines.